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Winco 60024 Benchmark The Doghouse Hotdog Cooker, 120V

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The Benchmark Doghouse Steam Hot Dog can hold 24 hot dogs from 1.2 to 4 oz. This product also features a stainless drawer with 24 bun capacity. The versatile Benchmark 60024 is a space-saving and efficient option to cook, merchandise and dispense hot dogs. The Benchmark 60024 can be used in self-serve and fast-paced environments such as fast food restaurants, convenience stores and cafes. The Doghouse comes with an innovative dispensing mechanism for “no-touch” sale. The Benchmark 60024 Cooker offers steamed hot dogs that stay fresh longer, minimizing waste. This steamer has a stainless steel construction for durability and occupies only 12” of counter space. You can easily disassemble the unit for convenient cleaning. The Doghouse features attractive graphics to encourage impulse buying.
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